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Studio Owner and Pilates Instructor

I have been a physical education teacher for over 24 years I have always had a strong passion within the field of physiology, posture and performance. In 2015 I completed Level 3 diploma in teaching Pilates, ‘Modern Pilates’, with Cherry Baker. This form of Pilates offers clinical forms of exercise that work on developing balance throughout the body and building strong stable muscles that are also flexible and correctly aligned.

More recently I trained with Stott Pilates Reformer intermediate Level and thoroughly enjoy teaching using Pilates equipment. I have also completed workshops specialising in ‘specialist Pilates -Hip and knee’, ‘ Neuro-Lates -working with MS clients and clients that suffer from Parkinson’s disease.’

I recently completed my training to teach Barre Pilates. The Barre Pilates Method combines basic Ballet Barre exercises with Pilates, body conditioning moves and stretches. It offers a full body workout that overloads the muscles through full range of movement as well as smaller end range concentric and eccentric contractions.

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