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Pilates Instructor

After an accident resulting in a painful back injury I came across Pilates here at Natural Balance.  I had attended many Physio/Chiro and Osteopath appointments but unfortunately nothing seemed to take the pain away.  

I decided I needed to take control back over my injury. After doing a series of one to one sessions I then started the Mat classes three times a week plus extra practice at home.  It was hard work but the commitment paid off.  

I was encouraged to become a Pilates Teacher and I went on to complete my training with Stott Pilates and qualify as a Pilates Mat Teacher in 2015. 

Since then I have completed many different courses and workshops including Barre Pilates, Mobility and Movement.

I have taught in various Gyms and Studios but now I am back where it all started here at Natural Balance Pilates.

Most important things I have learned:

Commitment is Key

Movement is medicine!

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