Fri, 25 Jun | Ramsbottom

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop

Want to feel like you've had the equivalent of 3 hrs sleep in just 20mins of learned relaxation techniques? If so, definitely check out this Yoga workshop where you'll discover the many benefits of Yin Yoga and also Yoga Nidra (known as yoga sleep)
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Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop

Time & Location

25 Jun 2021, 18:00 – 19:30
Ramsbottom, 58 Bridge St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AD, UK

About the event

Day to day life can be very hectic, busy, active and stressful, very Yang, especially as we settle into our new routines.

Yin Yoga is a way to escape or help balance that by offering a more relaxed, rejuvenating, grounding practice that has tremendous benefits for mind and body and soul.

It is a slow often still, therapeutic style of yoga. Practiced mainly on the floor with very few standing poses. It is a simple, quiet practice but simple does not necessarily mean easy! Many of us may find it hard to slow down, stop, and simply be with oneself without distraction.

Yoga poses or shapes are held for between 3 - 5 minutes where you are asked to “find your edge” the place where you can feel sensations but there is no pushing, straining, over stretching into the pose and then to remain still surrendering to the force of gravity.

How Does Yin Yoga Work on a Physical Level ?

The stillness and time enables the power of Yin to work on the layers underneath the skin and the muscles. It allows the bodies deeper connective tissues: the fascia, ligaments, tendons and even joints time to soften, unpick, unstick, create space, strengthen, hydrate and heal.

The Myofascial lines of the body are remarkably similar to the Chinese meridian lines of the body. Each Meridian line is a likened to a river of energy flowing through our body interconnected to and our internal organs: Heart, Lungs, Liver and Kidneys.

It has been suggested that blockages of energy/Chi/ Prana along these meridian lines can cause pain, injury, stiffness, discomfort, illness and even disease.

In a similar way to Acupuncture, by applying pressure - Acupressure to certain areas of the body during the Yin poses can release stagnant toxins and increase the fluidity of energy throughout the body.

By applying the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridien lines, the knowledge of the Indian Chakra System and the Myofascial Lines we can layer Eastern and Western approaches to healing.

How Does Yin Yoga Work On An Emotional and Mental Level? Whist Yin Yoga is amazing for the physical body many of its greatest benefits stem from its remarkable effects on the mind and emotions. The practice allows the bodies nervous system to drop from the Sympathetic nervous system (most of us live in this flight or fight mode) into the Parasympathetic Nervous System aiding lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, assists digestion, sleeping and boosts immune function.

This practice also allows the mind to be calm. This can be hard for many of us and so the use of breath work is often used during practice to help the mind focus on the present moment and allowing the constant chatter of the mind to fade away.

It is suggested that emotions, memories, anxiety and tension is stored with in our body. As we open up the body in poses sometimes these emotions resurface and are released, all assisting the healing process and helping us to let go of things that no longer serve us.

Who Is Yin Yoga Suitable for?

EVERYONE !! Yin Yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone. Athletes benefit from Yin Yoga as their training is very Yang. Any one with injuries can practice Yin as we use equipment - bolsters, blocks, belts to support the body. Children and adults of any age can practice.

What Will I Need?

Clothing that you can move in easily. Warm clothing including socks as the body will cool down during Yin Yoga.

“Isn’t it odd. We can only see our outside, but nearly everything happens on the inside.”

Charlie Mackesy

Yin & Yoga Nidra Workshop

Join us on Friday 25th June for this deeply nourishing and relaxing Yin and Yoga Nidra Workshop.

You will be guided through a 1 Hour Yin practice that will focus on the season of Summer

Summer is the season that corresponds with the element Fire and the Heart Meridian Lines.

Through the use of Yin poses and breath work we will help release stagnant toxins and blockages in the body helping energy to flow freely and allow for equilibrium, harmony, rest, relaxation and healing in the body, mind and soul.

Yoga Nidra is Yogic Sleep but you stay awake !

30 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 2 hrs sleep! Once again you will be guided through a truly relaxing experience where the consciousness functions at a very deep level of awareness - the state between sleep and awareness

Please make sure you book early as mats are limited.

All equipment will be provided and will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Please make sure you fill out a medical form prior to the workshop (the studio will email this to you upon booking) 

  • Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra Workshop

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