Prehab / Rehab Pilates

Prehab Pilates

Rather than waiting for injury to occur, prehab training takes a pro-active approach to physical fitness. Looking at daily activities, current posture, gait and any repetitive use mechanisms it is possible to establish where the problem areas may arise and deal with them before they cause injury or wear and tear. This approach is particularly useful for sports people who repeatedly move their body in a certain way. Rebalancing the body by stretching out overused muscle groups and then building strength in the opposing muscle groups ensures optimal musculoskeletal alignment and physical performance.

Rehab / Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a safe and effective method of rehabilitation. Whether that be from an injury or an underlying medical condition. We work closely with Osteopaths, Physio’s and other Healthcare Practitioners to ensure you receive a well-rounded programme of recovery.

Please note that Pilates is not a treatment and Pilates instructors do not diagnose. Instead we take a diagnosis from suitably qualified healthcare practitioners and decide on the best series of exercises that will help the body recover quickly and safely.

We recommend 1:1 classes for anyone with chronic injuries or spinal/joint issues so that you receive undivided attention and for safety so that you are only doing exercises that are designed specifically to improve your condition and that are not contraindicated.