Hatha Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy deals with the whole person – improving physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. We use Hatha Yoga techniques of posture work, breathing, sound and medititation to develop body and self-awareness.

Yoga Therapy can be used to manage illness and injury in its many forms. The instructor, Olivia Rigby, has had a great deal of success in using Yoga Therapy to help people with bad backs, arthritis, ME/CFS, MS, Strokes and also women’s health issues.

The focus in the sessions is ‘un-doing’ – keeping the breath and movement easy and comfortable, relaxing into postures rather than ‘doing’ i.e. forcing and straining, in any way.

A general class situation starts with centring down and gentle warm up on the floor. This usually involves coordinating the breath and the movement together. The session develops with sitting and standing postures that get progressively stronger. We aim to be balanced in our practice and work with flowing movements and sequences to develop flexibility and holding postures to develop strength. The session is always finished with 15 minutes of relaxation and sometimes we work with breathing exercise beforehand.

All students are taught to listen to their bodies, to take responsibility for themselves; and to take any, relevant, precautionary measures they may need, including the use of props, block or supports. Students know to come out of postures at any time.

Please come along to class and enjoy exploring and getting to know your Self on every level.